VIP Security Officer (JHB)

VIP Security Officer (JHB)

BET Software

Johannesburg, Gauteng


Closing Date: 11 March 2024

Job Details


Minimum experience
Entry Level

Company primary industry
Information Technology and Services

Job functional area
Information Technology

Job Description

We Want You:

Calling all protectors of the VIP realm! BET Software is on the hunt for a VIP Security Officer extraordinaire to join our elite squad. If you’ve got a knack for keeping things safe and a passion for ensuring top-notch security, this role is tailor-made for you!

 As a VIP Security Officer, you’ll be the guardian angel of our premises, creating a safe haven for our esteemed guests. Picture yourself patrolling like a stealthy ninja, monitoring surveillance equipment with hawk-like precision. Loss and theft don’t stand a chance with your eagle eyes!

 But, that’s not all! Your superhero skills also include spotting the slightest hint of irregularities or suspicious acts. You’ll be our very own Sherlock Holmes, reporting any signs of mischief or mayhem. Safety first, always!

 So, if you’re ready to take on the mission of protecting our VIPs with style and finesse, it’s time to join the BET Software family. Apply now and let’s turn security into an art form! And remember, with great power comes great responsibility (and maybe even a cool cape).

You Bring:

  • Matric
  • Valid driver’s License (Advantageous)
  • Registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority)

What You’ll Do:

  • Always be present 15 minutes before the branch opens so that the Branch Manager/Senior Team Leader can open the branch in your presence.
  • Ensure that you conduct a perimeter patrol before the branch opens.
  • Check around the premises for any suspicious movements before the branch is opened.
  • Be extremely vigilant and stay alert at all times, guarding the surroundings before the opening/closing of the branch.
  • Conduct a floor walk once the branch is open, to observe all is in order.
  • Ensure all observation checks are completed before the Branch Manager/Senior Team Leader continues with their daily checks.
  • Ensure that during opening and closing, a VIP Officer is always positioned away from the entrance, observing colleagues and checking for potential danger.
  • Patrol inside and outside the branch entrance, back areas and all parking areas.
  • Ensure all two-way radios are fully charged, for early morning usage. Report faulty equipment immediately.
  • Charge the batteries overnight so that they are useable from the beginning of your shift.
  • Ensure all panic button and two-way radios are in good working condition and kept safely.
  • Carry your panic buttons, two-way radios and earpieces to ensure open communication and ease of access in the event of an emergency.
  • If stationed in the search zone, you must use the scanner to search all guests entering the branch, including Team Members.
  • Ensure that at the search zone, the branch door or the gate is always closed.
  • Ensure that you do not cross gender boundaries when scanning guests entering the branch.
  • Male guests must be scanned only by male VIP Officers, female guests to be scanned only by female VIPs.
  • Ensure that female bags are searched with a stick. Male guests are not allowed to bring in their bags.
  • Direct traffic on our premises and ensure the free flow of foot traffic; control the number of vehicles entering and exiting the building.
  • Ensure that the end-of-day closing procedure is adhered to – this requires minimising entry and closing doors to reduce high risks.
  • Attend branch meetings when notified by the Branch Manager.
  • Assist when receiving stock, do alarm tests and submit daily report every morning by 10:00 am.
  • Be of service to guests.
  • Make a good first impression to guests because as a VIP Officer, you are at the forefront of the company and guests encounter you first.
  • Greet guests, be friendly, helpful, polite and courteous at all times.
  • Proactively address guest complaints and ensure guest feedback is communicated clearly in an effective and positive manner.
  • Always create a guest-centric culture within the branch and drive the philosophy of “service with a smile”.
  • Always treat guests with respect and have a good attitude.
  • When guests leave the branch, wish them a good evening or good night and encourage them to come again.

The Company We Keep:

At BET Software, we don’t just recruit talent, we cultivate it. Our learning and development programmes, our various opportunities for growth, and our well-deserved incentives are what keep our All-Star Team the best amongst the rest.
Please note that only applicants who meet the stipulated minimum requirements will be considered.

If you have not been contacted within 30 days, kindly consider your application to be unsuccessful.

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