General Assistant – Kumani King


Closing Date: 2024/07/09
Reference Number: OMN240701-2
Job Title: General Assistant – Kumani King
Company: BME a division of Omnia
Location – Town / City: Kathu
Location – Province: Northern Cape
Location – Country: South Africa
Job Type Classification: Permanent

The purpose the job also includes the assistance to the truck operator to collect products at silos and deliver this product down the hole at the blasting face. Responsible for the housekeeping and maintenance of the vehicle, re-filling area and other working areas.

All these tasks and duties are carried out by meeting statutory, legal, client and BME prescriptions and standards, and without taking any short cuts

Role Impacts:

  • Technical field
  • Housekeeping and maintenance
  • Quality control

Key Relationships:

  • Senior Management/Management
  • Customers
  • Support Teams
  • Operations
  • Any other stakeholder as may be deemed important and relevant from time to time


  • Grade 12 with Maths

Advantageous :

  • Code 08 / Code B Licence
  • Magazine Master Ticket
  • Blasting Assistant certificate (MQA)
  • Stemming Loader


  • Previous experience in a Blasting / Mining environment
  • 2 years experience as a Basting Assistant

Risk assessment and Safe work declarations to be done with the blaster at the place of work before entering workplace as per client requirements

Assisting the blaster for preparing the blast / charge-up area by meeting all the statutory, legal, client and BME requirements/standards/prescriptionsTogether with the Blaster, inspects the site to determine the target block and to plan the blasting process

Marks off the working area by erecting the prescribed barricading material as prescribed by the client

Required to map the holes to ensure that all the required holes correctly placed

Required to measure and check the depth of the holes, and to ensure that they are all correctly drilled within the prescribed parameters

In the event of detecting any deviations from prescriptions, responsible for behaving assertively and taking the necessary steps to rectify matters, e.g., by interacting and communicating to mine staff, drill contractor or the Foreman

On instruction from the Blaster, required to collect the correct accessories to carry out the blasting assignment successfully

Responsible to place all detonators and boosters at the collar of the hole to prepare for priming of the blast holes as per the blast plan issued by the mine

Responsible for priming the holes by carefully inserting detonators into boosters, attaching weigh-down material to the primer, and lower this primer in the hole under the supervision of the blaster

Job Competencies
Job Related skills:

  • Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Numerical skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong communication/interpersonal skills
  • Report-writing abilities

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