Cleaner (DTIC)

Cleaner (DTIC)

Broll Property Group

Pretoria, Gauteng


Closing Date: 08 February 2024

Job Details

Minimum experience
Not Applicable

Company primary industry
Real Estate

Job functional area

Contract term
3 – 6

Job Description


Responsible for cleaning and maintaining the building, equipment, fixtures, and furnishings. Performs routine cleaning including vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floors; dusting; washing walls, doors, and windows; and emptying trash. Assists service personnel as needed.


1. Assumes responsibility for the effective performance of assigned cleaning functions.
a. Vacuums, sweeps, and mops floors.
b. Washes and dusts walls, tables, doors, light fixtures, vending machines and windows.
c. Cleans and disinfects toilets, urinals, showers, tile floors, and other fixtures.
d. Fills soap, toilet paper, and towel dispensers regularly.
e. Empties trash containers as needed. Maintains waste receptacles and ensures that they are clean.
f. Picks up litter (inside and outside) as necessary.

2. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective communication, coordination, and working relationships with Company personnel, management, and service providers.
a. Assists Company personnel and service providers as needed.
b. Keeps management informed of area activities, any significant problems, and cleaning concerns.

3. Assumes responsibility for maintaining courteous, professional relations with clients and the general public.
4. Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.
a. Performs miscellaneous cleaning and specially requested tasks as assigned.
b. Maintains facility security.

1. Building facilities and equipment are clean, neat, and well maintained.
2. Cleaning functions are safely and timely completed in accordance with established standards, schedules, and procedures.
3. Cleaning needs and problems are promptly identified and resolved or reported.
4. Cleaning functions are well coordinated with Company operations. Assistance is provided to other personnel as needed.
5. Management is appropriately informed of area activities and of any significant problems.
6. Effective, courteous relations exist with Company visitors, vendors, and clients.


Knowledge of basic cleaning techniques and cleaning procedures.
Understanding of related safety and OSHA requirements.

Previous cleaning/janitorial experience helpful.

Attentive to detail.
Able to follow directions and work well independently.
Ability to work weekends and evenings.
Able to use basic cleaning tools, including vacuums, mops, brooms, etc.

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