Customer Service Agent ORTIA: Check-in/Boarding/Arrival/Baggage

Customer Service Agent ORTIA: Check-in/Boarding/Arrival/Baggage

The incumbent is responsible to provide an excellent quality service to customers in respect of passenger handling services.

The incumbent will perform a wide variety of duties at departures, boarding gates, arrivals, baggage; including the verification of travel documents and assisting special need passengers and premium passengers within the airport environment.

Principal Accountabilities:
Demonstrates an understanding of the departmental strategy and plan relevant to own work outputs

Implements department strategy within own area of responsibility

Provides recommendations to support the implementation of the departmental strategy and plan

Contributes to the budget management and containment of costs

Applies cost saving initiatives continuously

Provides recommendations on profitability

Correct charging of excess baggage

Contribute towards cost reduction by performing role efficiently and identifying opportunities for improvement

Utilises resources in area of responsibility/ own area of work in a time and cost-effective manner

Utilises technology to enhance internal and external customer expectations

Executes work outputs according to customer requirements

Adheres to Governance and Risk Management policies, processes and systems

Delivers on regular, irregular and timeous reporting of information to key stakeholders

Participates in continuous optimisation programmes, projects and initiatives

Promote Airline’s customer service principles through upholding a high standard of professionalism, efficiency, consistency and personalisation when dealing with customers

Assist unaccompanied minors, elders and disabled passengers to ensure that their special needs are addressed accordingly

Assist in dealing with any problems such as keeping passengers informed of any delays, disruptions and denied boarding

Provide general information to customers and travel agents

Assist passengers as needed through arrival and check-in processes

Assist customers with general enquiries or directions as required

Interact with customer throughout the transaction to alleviate fear and build trust

Perform any duties assigned by superiors in line with company objectives

Check baggage, monitor carry-on baggage for size and quantity, and assign seats

Inspect and verify passenger documentation, ensuring that passengers have the correct documentation for travel

Perform all duties pertaining to passenger and baggage check-in, boarding of flights and charging excess baggage charges based on piece concept

Liaise with various work groups to resolve any challenges

Work on special projects if required

Meet and assist passengers on arrival

Provide information on arrival and departure times, boarding procedures, carry-on regulations, and seat assignments

Handle denied boarding situations by soliciting volunteers and communicating situation effectively to involuntary denied boarding customers

Direct customers and provide clear and concise information regarding flight delays, cancellations, denied boarding situations

Manage queues and self-service check-in

Ensure proper control of on-board hand baggage at check in and at boarding gates

Assist and ensure the correct handling of mishandled baggage, pilfered and damaged baggage

Keep detailed report regarding mishandled and damaged baggage

Ensure the highest level of passenger safety and care in all aspects of duty

Comply with service standards and standard operating procedures to ensure passengers are handled in a friendly and efficient manner at all times

Make public announcements as required

Produce all required, work-related documentation

Ensure compliance with CAA, Airline and airport regulations

Ensure all regulatory training is current

Ensure baggage reconciliation is done for each flight and updating statistical data

Clearing of all stock at check in counters and boarding gates after duties

Demonstrates an understanding of company policies and processes relevant to people management

Adheres to people processes and plans to deliver on organisational objectives

Participates in development initiatives to maximise own and department’s productivity

Embraces change initiatives in line with the vision and strategic direction of the Airline

Demonstrates willingness to enhance own skills and share same with immediate team members

Lives and role models the Airline’s values

Contribute towards department capacity to enable achievement of department objectives

Identify opportunities for improvement within sphere of control

Contribute to talent development (self) through acknowledged learning experiences, courses, reading and researching

Qualifications & Experience:
Grade 12 (Matric) at NQF level 4.
A 3-year diploma in a Travel and Tourism or relevant field will be an advantage.
Experience derived from customer service environment will be an advantage.

Knowledge and Skills:
Customer Service standards
Passenger Handling
Amadeus Altea Customer Management (CM)
Dangerous Goods Handling
Baggage Management System
World Tracer System
Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS)
Star Alliance Requirements
Verification of Travel Documents
Amadeus Auto Document Check (ADC)
Passenger Disruption Handling (IRROPs)
Safety Management System (SMS)
Station Emergency Response Plan (SERP)
Excellent communication (verbal and written) skills
Moderate to high computer proficiency
Problem solving skills
Effective time management
Information processing skills
Technical Expertise
Stakeholder Relationships
Flexibility and Adaptability
Drives Results
Organisational Awareness
Ethics and Integrity

Additional Information
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