General Assistant

General Assistant (Aspen Office In South Africa)

 Posted Date: 2023/07/27

Reference Number: GAJune23



  • Prepare, clean and inspect work areas and equipment.
  • Handle and stage raw materials
  • Sample work area(s) and equipment for contamination
  • Sanitise drains and pipes to avoid contamination.
  • Related administrative tasks.

 Operational Support

  • Execute production activities within established policies, practices and guidelines, as well as established quality and safety standards.
  • Optimise own work processes.
  • Identify gaps in current policies and procedures.
  • Facilitate implementation of processes in own area of work

Inspections & Verifications

  • Perform visual inspections of production area(s) and equipment.
  • Perform pre-production checks such as environmental checks, scale checks, and equipment pre-checks as per BMR, SOP and product specifications.
  • Verify scale and measuring equipment performance.

Material Handling

  • Dispense, transfer, weigh and collect raw materials for processing.
  • Ensure raw materials are staged for processing, in line with requirements.

Production Preparation

  • Set up the room and IBCs for production activities.
  • Prepare solutions for production activities as per SOP.

Routine Support Tasks

  • Clean work area(s) and equipment before and after processing of materials as per SOP and cleaning checklist
  • Perform routine equipment checks and transfer of equipment.
  • Collect samples of production area and equipment for testing
  • Control contamination in area by flushing drains and pipes.
  • Assist with sorting of defected products and discard/ minimise waste.
  • Provide information to assist with campaign preparation.
  • Identify and report on operational problems out of specification.

Reporting & Record Keeping

  • Complete batch record labels
  • Complete Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) sheets
  • Perform half-hourly inspections of production area(s)
  • Attend shift meetings.
  • Provide information for completion of reports.
  • Complete and consolidate standard documents.
  • Maintain and update records and systems as required. ·       
  •          Assist with sorting of defected products and discard/ minimize waste.         
  •          Provide information to assist with campaign preparation. ·       
  • Identify and report on operational problems out of specification.




  • National Certification (N3 Engineering) with 0-2 years’ related experience
  • Manufacturing experience

Specific job skills

  • Basic technical knowledge of pharmaceutical production processes, procedures, systems and equipment.
  • Basic understanding of pharmaceutical standards and compliance requirements.


  • Finalising outputs
  • Following procedures
  • Taking action
  • Information gathering

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Aspen Office In South Africa

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