JumpStart Retail Frontline Programme

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The JumpStart Retail Frontline Programme (RFP) is designed to unlock opportunities for matriculated youth to entry level positions in retail. This two-week skills development course is composed of an online life skills course, in-person training and interviews, and one week of hands-on work experience in a retail environment. This work readiness programme gives youth the opportunity to become more specialised and more employable.

Do you dream of building a career in retail and manufacturing?
JumpStart can help set your dream in motion. By blending industry-specific theory with work experience, JumpStart programmes help bridge the gap between school or tertiary education and the working world.

JumpStart provides training on demand, to youth across South Africa.

JumpStart training takes place in major South African cities, including Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. The training feeds youth into the retail value chain. The Professional Manufacturing Programme and Production Programme are geared for graduates and feed into the supply chain. Programmes for matriculants feed into the retail sector and include: Retail Frontline Programme, Retail Sales Programme, Warehousing Basics Programme, Retails Essentials Programme and Professional Retail Programme. Training is area specific and is switched on and off according to demand from our industry partners.

For youth with a matric pass, JumpStart offers four training programmes designed to open doors to entry-level positions. For tertiary graduates, two professional training programmes are designed to transfer key industry know-how and boost career prospects.

Pick your path to become a JumpStarter

Matric Pass
Retail Frontline Programme
Warehousing Basics Programme
Retail Essentials Programme
Production Programme
Retail Sales Programme

Graduate or final year students
Professional Retail Programme
Professional Manufacturing Programme

Apply Here: https://mrpricefoundation.org/jumpstart

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